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• Astar Network is an open and inclusive platform that allows users to create and work with decentralized applications.
• It utilizes two layers of technology to facilitate scalability and interoperability; a based layer and a scaling solution.
• The ASTR token serves multiple functions such as staking, paying fees on the network, and making governance decisions.

What is Astar Network?

Astar Network is a scalable, decentralized application platform that rests on the foundations of web3. It strives to create an open and inclusive network where users can easily create and work with decentralized applications. It uses two layers of technology for scalability and interoperability; a substrate blockchain framework provides customisation while the second layer uses OVM which helps further boost scalability.

Features of Astar Network

The Astar Network enables developers to easily create and execute smart contracts on its platform as it supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Additionally, it makes use of zero-knowledge rollups which help improve efficiency by making transactions faster and more cost-effective. Moreover, users can make use of dApp staking mechanism where they can stake their coins in support for specific projects instead of securing the entire network. This feature facilitates better applications creation as well as gives users the liberty to earn better rewards than conventionally available alternatives.

What is ASTR Token?

ASTR is the native token of the Astar Network that serves several important functions. Firstly, it can be staked to gain annual interest while allowing users to be validators. Secondly, it can be used to pay fees on the network. Lastly, it also serves as a governance token which allows users to contribute towards important decisions on the network.

Benefits of Using Astar

The main benefits associated with using Astar are its scalability, efficiency, low transaction costs, security features along with ability to stake tokens for rewards or governance purposes which makes this blockchain project quite attractive among other existing platforms in market today..


Overall, Astar Network aims at providing an efficient platform where developers can freely use decentralized applications without any hassle due to its many features like EVM compatibility coupled with zero-knowledge rollups that make transactions faster while keeping costs low at same time..

Bitcoin Price Soars To $23.4K: BTC’s Bullish Momentum Continues!

• Bitcoin Price Rises To Hit $23.4K After a Recent Downturn
• Key Support Levels of $22,800 and $22,400 Expected To Be Held by Buyers
• Microstrategy Incurs a $1.3 Billion Paper Loss Despite Refusal to Stop Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Reaches $23.4K

The price of Bitcoin recently increased to hit the mark of $23.4K after experiencing a downturn in the market. BTC/USD fell to its lowest at $22,620 on February 6th but buyers were able to prevent it from falling further and managed to hold above the 21-day line SMA. The two important support levels of $22,800 and $22,400 are anticipated to be held by buyers as long as BTC is kept above them.

Resistance & Support Levels

At present, the resistance level for Bitcoin stands at around$50,000,$55, 000 and$60,000 while support levels can be seen at around$25,000 ,$20 ,000 ,and$15 ,000 . If bears manage to break below these crucial supports then it could lead to another bearish run causing Bitcoin’s price to drop below its last bottom at $21 200.

Microstrategy Incurs Losses

Despite having paper losses on its Bitcoin (BTC) assets worth over 1 billion dollars in 2022 software analytics company MicroStrategy still refused stop trading bitcoin or selling their holdings generating a tax loss of 34 million dollars instead..

Relative Strength Index Indicates Uptrend Zone

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for period 14 indicates that bitcoin is in an uptrend zone with value being above 63 .If buyers maintain this momentum then we can expect prices to rebound up towards the mark of 25 212 if bulls manage break past 24 000 resistance level.


The recent surge in Bitcoin’s prices indicates that investors are confident about the future prospects of the cryptocurrency despite some negative news surrounding it such as MicroStrategy’s paper losses on their BTC assets .If buyers continue protecting key support levels then we can expect prices reach even higher highs in near future.

Meta Masters Guild: Revolutionizing the Play-to-Earn Ecosystem

Bullet Points:
• Cryptology News reviewed the Meta Masters Guild, a mobile-focused Play-to-Earn crypto initiative raising $2.05 million in its token presale.
• The goal of the project is to create high-quality blockchain-based mobile games and establish a decentralized gaming community.
• Players will have the opportunity to earn long-term incentives in exchange for contributing to the ecosystem.

Cryptology News recently reviewed the Meta Masters Guild, an ambitious Play-to-Earn crypto project that has raised $2.05 million in its token presale. The Meta Masters Guild is a mobile-focused Web3 gaming realm that aims to revolutionize the Play-to-Earn ecosystem. It seeks to create high-quality blockchain-based mobile games and establish a decentralized gaming community.

Players who join the community will be able to earn long-term incentives in exchange for their contributions to the ecosystem. Meta Masters Guild promises to provide a fair and rewarding system for players, ensuring that they are properly compensated for their time and efforts. The guild is determined to be more than just another gaming guild; they want to be the leader in Web3 gaming.

The Meta Masters Guild token presale has been met with a great deal of interest from investors and the project has seen impressive success so far. They are committed to continuing their growth and providing a reliable and rewarding gaming experience for their users.

The Meta Masters Guild project is a great opportunity for gamers to join a revolutionary platform that seeks to transform the Play-to-Earn gaming ecosystem. Not only will players be able to earn incentives, but they will also have access to high-quality blockchain-based mobile games that have been developed with the best technology available. The project is a great way for gamers to support the Web3 gaming industry and earn rewards for their efforts.

Cryptology News is excited to see where the Meta Masters Guild project goes and the impact it will have on the Web3 gaming industry. With its ambitious goals and innovative approach, it is sure to become one of the biggest and most successful Play-to-Earn crypto initiatives. We look forward to watching the project progress and seeing the benefits it will bring to gamers around the world.