EOS Price Struggles Below $1.15: Upsides Could be Limited

• EOS price started a fresh decline from the $1.15 resistance zone against the US Dollar.
• The bears were active near the $1.15 resistance and there was a break below a key rising channel with support near $1.10 on the 4-hours chart of the EOS/USD pair.
• If there is a downside break below the $0.965 support, the price could test the $0.920 support in the near term, while any more gains might send the price towards the $1.30 level.

EOS Price Analysis

EOS price started a fresh decline from the $1.15 resistance zone against the US Dollar after failing to clear 50% Fib retracement level of downward move from swing high to low points. There was a break below a key rising channel with support near $1.10 on 4-hours chart of EOS/USD pair, indicating further bearish pressure in coming days and weeks ahead.

Downside Risks

An immediate support for EOS/USD pair is near the $1 mark and if there is downside break below that then next major support can be seen at around 0.965 level which will extend losses further in short term trading session as well as long term trend outlook for this crypto asset remains bearish for now due to current market conditions and investors sentiment towards it being negative overall so far since start of year 2023 till today’s date 16th March 2021 .

Upside Potential

On upside, an immediate resistance is around 1.12 mark which needs to be breached for bulls to regain control and push prices higher again in short term trading sessions along with longer term trends outlook becoming positive again but such potential growth will depend upon how Bitcoin performs in coming days ahead too as both these cryptos have strong correlation between each other’s movements historically speaking .

Technical Indicators

Technical indicators like MACD and RSI are both showing bearish signals at this moment with RSI being below 50 levels which indicates that current momentum favors bears more than bulls right now but if situation changes anytime soon then traders should keep eyes open for potential buy entry points too along with cautiousness when it comes to stop loss levels set up accordingly according their own risk appetite .


To conclude, EOS price has been struggling below 1 dollar 15 cents mark against US Dollar since last few days and looks unlikely that any upside potential exists above this point unless we see some bullish reversal patterns emerge on charts soon . Therefore investors should remain vigilant about their positions held by them currently or plan any new investments carefully taking into account all factors related before jumping into conclusions based only on technical analysis data available out there .