This Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Giant Chose NASDAQ – How Coinbase Will Go Public

A market entry that is becoming clearer – The terms of the IPO of the giant Coinbase are finally starting to take shape. It appears the platform has turned to NASDAQ for its multibillion-dollar IPO.

Coinbase soon to be listed on the stock exchange

Following its filing for an IPO with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) , new information has revealed that Crypto Investor has chosen the NASDAQ market for its entry into the stock markets.

While waiting for its IPO, the secondary market offered by NASDAQ to companies before their IPO allows Coinbase shareholders to sell their shares .

“The controlled liquidity programs are intended for companies, upstream of the IPO, which seek to raise secondary capital for shareholders and investors. „

According to the same sources, the shares available on the NASDAQ private markets have reached 200 dollars . Knowing that the stock has 254 million shares, this represents a valuation of $ 50 billion for Coinbase.

For their part, the “pre-IPO” contracts offered by the FTX exchange platform see the shares trading at 277 dollars

Evolution of the pre-IPO share price (pink) and valuation (in blue) of Coinbase – Source: The Block
Will Coinbase manage to maintain its price at this level at the time of the IPO ? The future will tell. In the meantime, the Bitcoin giant is advancing its pawns.